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Internet porn ruined my marriage.

yeah, i need to get radical.
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this community is dedicated to celebrating and appreciating the brilliance that is lifetime television for women's most amazing original movie, Cyber Seduction.

cyber sedution is about a relatively attractive high school-aged boy with a lisp named justin (played by jeremy sumpter) who enjoys swimming and trying to bone his girlfriend, amy. when justin is not swimming or trying to bone amy, he is downing energy drinks that he keeps inside of his desk for some reason. justin finally discovers internet porn at the age of 16 (late, i know) and gets hooked on it and basically ruins his life and gets beat up by a bunch of guys and goes swimming after ward. also, he almost lays the school slut who is supposed to be hot or something and he touches her boob.


- talk about cyber seduction
- keep posts relevant to CS and other grossly out of touch with reality great lifetime movies
- don't fight
- w/e
absence of logic, attempted suicide.. ?, be thier, being totally obvious, black girl booty, can we get togather?, chastity, churchgoing, cleavage, computers, conservatism, cyber seduction, dr. phil, energy drinks, fabricated rape, financial problems, get out of here!!!!!!!!, getting radical, hacking, i can sthop, identity theft, infidelity, internet filters, jeremy sumpter, kelly lynch, kinky the clown, knockoff linkin park songs, leatherboy, leaving your door open, lifetime original movies, lisps, little brothers, lol, lol!!!!, lolololol, lookingatporn.ytmnd.com, monica, naked girls!, nosy moms, not masturbating, p-911!! p-911!!!!, palm pilots, perverted spam, pop-up advertisements, porn, pr0n, reality (not), ruined marriages, self-injury, sexual frustration, shopping for plants, sleeplessness, snoop ez, swimmer, that promiscuous girl, that special moment, tits, virgin vaginas, walkie talkies, webcams, weird fantasies, you'r soooo amazing!